The art of obtaining information has always been an important feature to quest for throughout the history. As someone once said, “knowledge is power”. The more we know about a thing the more are we able to master it, or conquer it. The same thing goes for web sites. The more we know what others do on their sites – the more can we be influenced to do a better job.

There are many CLI/CMD/GUI tools out there which allows you to get information about a site. That’s completely fine and dandy, but I prefer web based tools. Using web based tools allows me to do quick scans whenever I do not have my laptop available. Sometimes I just pull out information because I am nosy.

Here’s a small list over the tools I frequently use:
This tool will give you great overview over:

  • CDN (Content Delivery Network)
  • Webserver information
  • Javascript libraries
  • RSS
  • +++
  • Web server
  • PHP information (if available)
  • Framework information
Looks up the WHOIS information for a site.
  • IP address
  • Hosting information
  • ++