ez Publish provides us with a module called “ezinfo” which we can utilize to get important information about the running system. Amongst the information we can extract from this module is:

  • eZ Publish version
  • which modules installed
  • if the system is able to communicate with the back-end
  • copyright

Please note that “ezinfo” does not interface with any engines inside the kernel and that most often site administrator will have this module disabled.

How to access

For any eZ Publish based site you can visit this module by just appending “/ezinfo/view_name” to the base URL.


There are three views currently available within ezinfo:

  • about
  • is_alive
  • copyright
This is by far the meatiest view available since it displays the version number of eZ Publish and which extensions which are in use.
This view checks the database connection and if everything seems dandy, it will return the text “eZ Publish is alive!”. It should be a no brainer what this could be used for!
By far the least interesting view since it only displays the copyright information.

Google Dork


Words of advice

If you are running an eZ Publish based site – please consider disabling this “feature”.