After been pondering about how to further showcase myself I have today decided to add two pages to this blog. Firstly, I’ve added a page where I will give an introduction to various tools I use at work. It wont anything fantastic, but just a page with a brief explanation of the tools I find valuable. Secondly, I got some tools laying around the place that I have written. They are mostly outdated, so I figured I could just share them with the public. So – I have added a page just for that. I have not made up my mind how to distribute the code, but I think I might setup a Github or a Bitbucket  repo so you can download them.

So – today I bring you two pages. For the time being they are called “Tools” and “RHI”. “RHI” stands for “Reedphish Heavy Industries”. Well, “heavy” … I thought it sounded cool. Anyways, this is a project under construction, it might take awhile to sort things out. K’tnx bye!