Comparing the world of today with the world of yesterday accessing media has never been easier. New streaming services are popping up like crazy. Music lovers got Spotify – which I have covered earlier. Movie lovers got Netflix. I think lovers of any kind could find a streaming service to satisfy them (pun intended). And then of course we got Crunchyroll for anime lovers like me.

In anime I find those deep stories that triggers my heart. I also find exciting personas, artful scenery and cool music. Even a glimpse into Japanese culture too! I’ve grown quite fond of the Japanese culture with all those quirky aspects of life. As a window into Japanese culture I’ve found Crunchyroll quite valuable.

You know the drill. It’s human nature to crave more goodness once you got the taste for something. When you’ve completed a show you’ll automatically hunt for the next. In my case being totally incapable of reading Japanese I have to hunt through the backlog by reading the description of each show and cross link this with Google. Seriously, those who writes descriptions for a living should be castrated with a rusty spoon. I have never ever seen a description that actually say what the content is about. Be it a book, movie or a show. Most often the descriptions follows the same format. “Person A lives in B, got ability C and D causes some trouble”. Or even worse: “A falls in love with B”.

With worthless descriptions and pointless Google results, there’s just one thing to do, judge the book by its cover. Selecting a show based on its cover is just like playing roulette. For every X show you might find just one that fits. And then, the show is either clean or filled with tits, close ups of panties and you name it. I can live with that. I’m a Scandinavian. We put naked bodies everywhere they should not be. Art, movies, music. Heck, even on the radio. A naked body is the most natural and beautiful thing – if it is above the age of eighteen. As stated by Norwegian laws.

And – here’s where the problem kicks in. Norwegian laws approves nudity in arts if the depicted character is above the age of eighteen. It seems like anime thinks the opposite. Okay – that was a bit harsh. But there’s a trace of truth in this. Often when starting watching a show you get drawn into the story with no further explanation how old the main characters are. It’s quite difficult to determine if the main characters are under eighteen or not. The female characters tend to look to be cut from the same template. Big boobs, big eyes, small waists, small skirts, tight tops and long hair. You know – pretty much what a man dreams of at night (that might actually be the problem). It’s not like the anime shows I am talking about features people bonking their hearts out or something like that. That would be hentai. Anyhow – determining how old the characters are is nearly impossible. You might be lucky finding a note of their age on a discussion forum on page 41398 or something after following leads buried deep inside Google.

Let me add just a couple of things. As far as I can see Crunchyroll does not tag nudity. I’m using their Android app. The only thing I’ve seen is the various categories offered. Often categories overlaps so a show may be present in several categories. No much help, is it? I know, it may seem like I am bashing Crunchyroll. I am not. Not by a longshot. It seems like other streaming services operates the same way, What is even worse are those sites who offers free downloads of shows. Some offers nothing more than just a download link. No description and certainly no tags.

By watching anime, are we breaking the law? I honestly don’t know. But what I can say is, the various streaming services should look into the matter for each country they operate in. At the same time maybe they should tag and categorize their content in such a way that their users can easily chose not to see unclean content?

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