January was a good month. I managed to write a few blog posts. February wasn’t all that good regarding posting. But on the personal level it was all good. This February I moved on in my life. I put my developer hat to rest and put on my shiny white ethical hacker hat instead! After been looking for a switch for over 10 months I finally made a break and landed a job at a small but highly important security consulting company. Ever since February I have been working long days and haven’t had much spare time to spend. You know – switching jobs always involve learning new routines and tools. Now over halfway through March things is beginning to even out.

So – what about the future? The future brings – hopefully – many new interesting blog posts. The feedback on my posts has been overwhelming – both from real persons and spam bots. Somehow I feel an urge to write more about the tools I am using and how to perform penetration tests and vulnerability scans. In my mind I have sort of made a small bucket list. It goes as follows:

  • Portscanning using NMAP
  • SQL injection using sqlmap
  • Introduction to Kali Linux
  • Vulnerability scanning using anything else than Acunetix

I am also thinking of opening myself a bit more with regards to interacting with the readers. Maybe you want me to cover a special topic? Just contact me and I’ll see what I can do. Please feel free to leave comments and replies on each post!

Kudos to those who have attended my classes in the past – I will still be holding classes. But now you must pay for them.

Cheerio and have a great evening!

[Update] I have just added a contact form