Are you sweating over books on information security that just don’t keep their promise? Are you looking on YouTube videos made by script-kiddies but still looking for advanced topics?  Then I got news for you! There’s a new learning resource in town to combat dry books and mediocre YouTube videos. Meet Cybrary! Cybrary is an online learning resource offering courses on a myriad of topics divided into sections such as system administration and network administration and cyber security. The best part? It’s all free and you can follow your own pace.

The layout for each course follows a simple format. Each class is divided down into modules which is further broken down into videos. You are not restricted to follow the modules and videos in sequence – you can also skip and jump around at will. It is highly recommended to see them in sequence though. After watching a video you can decide if you understood the material or not by clicking on a”I got this” link. This will mark the video completed and the course overview will show which videos you’ve seen. When you have watched all the videos you can mark the class as completed and it will update your completed courses list on your profile page. Nice! In many ways, Cybrary resembles Microsoft Virtual Academy. Notice that Cybrary does not offer certification exams. However – the material is a nice suplement resource when studying for the various certifications.

Curious about their offerings? Have a look at this list, this is just some of the courses offered:

During the last months I’ve evaluated various approaches on how to train colleagues. Ranging from presentations – which is seldom a good idea – to books and videos. My gripe is that nobody really pay attention to presentations, books doesn’t explain the stuff well enough and that videos are  together by incompetent people. After been reviewing the Penetration Testing and Ethical Hacking and Advanced Penetration Testing courses I have finally found a way to teach that is easy to follow. The instructors are easy to understand, they explain things well and they are really spoon-feeding you the information.

From my point of view, Cybrary is a breath of fresh air and I highly recommend their courses!