IMF – Walkthrough

This segment of my Vulnhub series covers the walkthrough for the IMF Boot2Root virtual machine. From the description: IMF is a intelligence agency that you must hack to get all flags and ultimately root. The flags start off easy and get harder as you progress. Each flag contains a hint to the next flag. Difficulty: […]

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PwnLab: Init – walkthrough

Welcome to another Vulnhub walkthrough – this time I’ll cover the PwnLab: Init CTF game! Let’s get hacking Testlab environment As ususal, this is my lab setup for this game: Virtual Box Parrot OS Pwnlab: Init Vulnhub image Test lab network CIDR Discovering Vulnhub image The very first thing we must do is to find […]

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MR. Robot 1 – CTF Walk-through

Today I am taking a look at Vulnhub VM based on the show Mr. Robot. Coincidentally the name of the VM is MR. Robot 1. The goal is to find three keys hidden in different locations. Throughout the game things are getting progressively more difficult as you hunt down the keys. This game is considered […]

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