Got slow portscans on CTF’s?

Aaaaaargh, my port scan take forever to complete! Heard that one before? You should have, it is a common complaint often heard between CTF rookies. Today we are looking into some ways to mitigate slow scans. Nmap When looking at the various complaints, Nmap seem to be the culprit. Gamers bash it for being slow […]

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Proactive vulnerability scanning

  Today I am demonstration how to proactively work with the results from a vulnerability scanner to secure a server. I will set up a vulnerability scanner to scan a server in my test lab in order to discover how it appears to attackers running similar tools. We will touch upon fixing low hanging fruits […]

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Disposable emails

Everybody hates spam. I do. You do (if you don’t I’ll force you to). Waking up to a inbox full of spam from a company you once registered your email address to eons ago is a drag. Especially from those companies offering “free” white papers. Today I’ll look into ways to combat this by looking […]

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Fuzzing – CTF primer

Fuzz testing or fuzzing is a technique commonly used in software testing to find how software responds to invalid, unexpected or random data. The targeted software may fail, give unexpected output or misbehave processing the randomized input data. Input that leads to such situations is then addressed and rectified. The term fuzz testing originates from a […]

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TAILS OS – privacy for anyone

Keeping your privacy is hard in our world of technology. Luckily there’s a solution available for free for you to stay undercover. Today I’ll be presenting Tails OS – maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe you haven’t. Tag along and maybe it’ll peak your interest! What is it? Tails is a live Linux system aiming […]

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If You Read One Article About Cheat Sheets Read this One – then some others

Security is powered by knowledge and your brain is your hard drive. Too bad that storage is temporary and the file system isn’t optimized for searching. Let’s face it, it’s nearly impossible to remember everything. Sure, the brain can store tremendous amount of data. The problem is finding that useful piece of data when you need it. Remember back […]

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Tooltip of the day: SSLScan

Today I am going to show you a neat little tool I use to check the SSL and TLS configurations on my servers. SSL, as you should know by now, has been under scrutiny to find several high-profile vulnerabilities. Does Heartbleed ring a bell? With all the vulnerabilities and that the SSL protocols themselves has been deemed […]

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