Anonymous Operations and interventions

Based on the recent terrorist attack on Paris – France – Anonymous has set out a new operation fighting ISIS by knocking out their online communications lines. They launched the operation on YouTube – like any other operations they’ve launched. Just to name a few operations from current year: Operation Charlie Hebdo: shutting down Islāmic terrorism online. Operation […]

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Fake recruiters on LinkedIn

According to SecurityWeek News the LinkedIn accounts of security specialists have been bombarded lately with recruitment requests from numerous fake accounts. Supposedly someone are trying to map out their networks. The fake recruiter accounts follow the same template using an image of an attractive woman to lure the specialists in. Those same profiles are also sprinkled […]

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Steaming on Cloud storage

Today I am letting some steam out. Cloud storage is great, but sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me. There are many cloud storage services on the market today. Just to name a few there’s Dropbox, OneDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, Box and iCloud. There is no shortage of such services on the Net, even though some […]

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Cybrary.It Online Courses

Are you sweating over books on information security that just don’t keep their promise? Are you looking on YouTube videos made by script-kiddies but still looking for advanced topics?  Then I got news for you! There’s a new learning resource in town to combat dry books and mediocre YouTube videos. Meet Cybrary! Cybrary is an online learning […]

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