Trollcave 1.2 – walkthrough

Trollcave is a vulnerable VM, in the tradition of Vulnhub and infosec wargames in general. You start with a virtual machine which you know nothing about – no usernames, no passwords, just what you can see on the network. In this instance, you’ll see a simple community blogging website with a bunch of users. From […]

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Zico2:1 – walkthrough

Description from Vulnhub: Zico is trying to build his website but is having some trouble in choosing what CMS to use. After some tries on a few popular ones, he decided to build his own. Was that a good idea? Host discovery As always, I went hunting for the target: IPv Address IPv4 IPv6 […]

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Bulldog 1 – walkthrough

Description from Vulnhub: “Bulldog Industries recently had its website defaced and owned by the malicious German Shepherd Hack Team. Could this mean there are more vulnerabilities to exploit? Why don’t you find out? 🙂 This is a standard Boot-to-Root. Your only goal is to get into the root directory and see the congratulatory message, how […]

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billu b0x – walkthrough

Welcome to another segment in my Vulnhub series! Today I am focusing on the billu: b0x CTF game hosted on Vulnhub. The game description didn’t say much, just that it runs standard LAMPP and the mission is to gain ROOT access. Well, then – let’s get cracking! Investigation Finding Target and Services Finding the Target: […]

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Proteus V1 – Walkthrough

Welcome to another segment in my Vulnhub series! Haven’t had much time to focus on these lately due to work – but I managed to squeeze in some time over the last few weeks to play with the Proteus game. So here it is! Description from Vulnhub: “An IT Company implemented a new malware analysis […]

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DonkeyDocker 1 – Walkthrough

This writeup covers the Vulnhub CTF game DonkeyDocker 1 (2017), which might be the most interesting game I have played this year. In this game players are to play with Docker – a task that lies close to my heart since I love this technology. Although I am bit rusty on it ever since I […]

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